phil shining

interdisciplinary researcher, international speaker, writer, and physical trainer focused on sex life cultivation, arts of living, and practice-oriented spirituality.

founder and director of the Sexuality & Spirituality Research Network (S&SRN)


After twenty years of empirical research focused on sex life cultivation practices and techniques associated to Hatha Yoga, Tantra, Taoism, and diverse schools of Buddhism, plus ten years of experience as a personal coach, Phil Shining founds the Sexuality and Spirituality Research Network (S&SRN) in 2020, contributing to the collective endeavor of bridging the gap between academic research and everyday life demands regarding sex, sexuality, well-being, and spirituality.

His academic research converges towards the concepts and the history of both western and eastern arts of living and practice-oriented spiritualities. As a speaker, he has shared his view with audiences on conferences taking place in academic institutions as Mansfield College, University of Oxford (UK), Berkeley, University of California (US), and Universidad de Brasilia (Brazil), among others. As a writer and as an editor, his work has been published by Brill.

He has been involved with interdisciplinarity and subaltern knowledges debates since 1999, first as a humanities student, and then as a teacher. Specialized in contemporary French philosophy and avant-garde arts, he has worked as an editor since 2003.

His academic formation has been used in service of the conceptualization of sex life cultivation programs and new ways of living, assembling scholarly research with ancient arts of living practices and knowledge. His sexual health formation is combined with his training expertise on tantric sex, coitus reservatus, and the art of ejaculation control.

He was academically educated in Catalonia and Spain, and has also lived in France. He was trained in India, Nepal, and Spain. Phil Shining currently lives in Colombia, where he was born.

Màster en Estètica i Teoria de l’Art Contemporani. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2009-2012.

Expert Universitari en Salut Sexual: Intervenció Educativa i Comunitària. Universitat de Lleida, 2011- 2012.

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  • Exploring Sexuality and Spirituality: An Introduction to an Interdisciplinary Field
  • Embodying ‘The Little Death’ of Orgasm: An Interdisciplinary Research on Sexual Trance
  • The Art of Ejaculation Control: The Blog


  • Practice-Oriented Spirituality: An Alternative to Code-Oriented Religion and
    Self-Esteem-Oriented New Age
  • Arts of Living: Shaping Life as a Work of Art
  • The Ultimate Individual and Social Empowerment: Egoless Empowerment


  • Well-Being-Oriented Sex Life
  • Sex Life Cultivation
  • The Art of Ejaculation Control


Les sessions de conseil proposées par Phil sont source, non seulement de savoir, mais elles fournissent aussi une expérience directe. En leur sein s’entremêlent la théorie et la pratique de manière cohérente et innovante, réunissant sur une même scène un large éventail d’outils à employer”;.